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I made some mistakes in the past – but Cash in a Flash looked past them and my bad credit history was no problem. Thanks for giving me a second chance!
H.S. - Manukau

Easy & Quick Cash Loans
from $100 to $1000

Cash in a Flash is here to help you when you need some quick cash to tide you over until your next payday. We make it easy for everyone with a job that pays a regular salary into a bank account to get a fast cash loan with our 1-2-3-Cash 100% online application process that ensures you’re in complete control at all times.

Once we’ve determined how much you can borrow and your payday loan has been approved, you can get your cash loan paid directly into your bank account the very same-day, without having to leave your desk or your armchair – now that’s a fast cash loan you can rely on when you need cash to get you through until payday.

Cash in a Flash – like our name says – we get you cash, in a flash!

Don’t worry about our 1-2-3 cash loan application process – it’s quick, easy and simple. We make it simple and straightforward for you to apply for a cash loan to see you through until you get paid because we want you to rest assured that you know exactly what’s going on when you apply for a fast loan with Cash in a Flash.

We’re not only New Zealand’s number one fast cash loan provider because of our quick and easy loan application process, we’ve also worked hard to earn the trust of our customers by making our application process clear and transparent so they know exactly how much they’re borrowing and how much they need to pay back.

We’re keen to have you look around at our loan calculator, our FAQs, and most of all, our easy 1-2-3-Cash application form. Using our loan calculator can help you to understand how much you can comfortably borrow when applying for a quick loan and our FAQ page will help you to understand the cash loan application process.

Check out the form to the right and get busy with our easy online cash loan application. It only takes a few minutes and before you know it you’ll be off doing more important things. As you fill out the form, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s happening, so there are no surprises – guaranteed – just the quick cash loan you need in a flash.



Why choose Cash in a Flash?

Cash in a Flash provides competitive cash loans from $100 to $1000 paid into your bank account in as little as 30 minutes!

  • No hassle cash loans to help you meet unexpected expenses – no more running around, just a quick and easy online cash loan application
  • Quick online application which is as simple as 1-2-3 Cash. Our online loan application saves you time
  • Please read our terms and conditions before signing up for a fast cash loan and we also advise you to obtain independent advice
  • At Cash in a Flash we care about our customers. We want you to use our financial services responsibly. Returning customers can enjoy even faster cash loan renewals at lower interest rates.
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cashinaflash logWhat you need to know about Payday Cash Loans

Our Payday Cash Loans can be approved in less than 1 hour, are for between $100-$1000 dollars and are intended to be used in urgent situations – like car repairs – where you need the money as fast as possible, you may not have perfect credit, you don’t have time to jump through lots of hoops, and you intend to pay the money back within a short period.
i.e. out of your next payday or two – they are called Payday Loans for a reason.

Because you only take payday loans for a short time we naturally charge a higher interest rate – this is calculated at 1.6% per day which is 584% per annum when annualised (for new customers) and just 438% for returning customers.

The establishment fee for a new customer is a one off $40.

Annualised means working out what it would cost if you kept the money for a year (remember this is not what Payday Loans are for).

So Payday Loan rates are higher than other types of loans – but if what you need is a payday loan then our rates are very competitive.

If you find you are relying on payday loans regularly rather than in emergencies, then we advise you to seek independent budgeting advice.

In fact before taking any loan or credit you should consider whether the loan is necessary, and whether you have other, cheaper alternatives.

Cash in a Flash lends according to the responsible lending policy, we recommend that you should seek independent advice before you sign up for any loan.

So there you have it: payday loans are for short term borrowing at a higher interest rate when you really need cash… in a flash!